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We are pleased to draw your attention to the recently released publication “TOWARDS INCLUSION – A GUIDE FOR ORGANIZATIONS & PRACTITIONERS”, which is the result of collaboration between  Light for the World, Mission East, and ICCO Cooperation.

Based on decades of experience of working with the most marginalized and excluded communities, the three organizations cooperated to record their experiences in a publication which can be used in a variety of relief and development contexts. ‘Towards Inclusion’ is designed to be an easy to use reference for organizational and program/project development with a focus on gender responsiveness and disability inclusion.

Authored by Vera Van Ek and Sander Schot, ‘Towards Inclusion– A Guide for Organizations & Practitioners’ is made up of three parts:

  • part 1: guides users through the process of organisational self-assessment to determine readiness to change and identify key steps towards becoming a more inclusive organization.
  • part 2:  introduces the ACAP framework, as a means of improving inclusion in programming via Access, Communication, Attitude and Participation.  A range of tools for measuring and improving inclusion at all stages of the project cycle are provided.
  • part 3:  provides guidelines for the people or ‘change facilitators’ who will guide organizations through the process of change towards becoming more inclusive.

The publication can be found at “Towards Inclusion” and is free.

In addition, we are considering possibilities for organisation trainings and/or webinars on the practical application of the guide, depending on interest. If you/ your organisation would be interested to participate in trainings or you have comments or questions to the content of the book, please contact us at


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