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As members of the IDDC EU Task Group, EU-CORD is fully supportive of the joint IDDC-EDF statement for a disability-inclusive EU budget in the next multi-annual financial framework. You can read the position in full at this link (external), then follow and share our messages: #Inclusive MFF #CRPD #LNOB #EUBudget

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) is the first Human Rights treaty to be ratified by the EU and all its Member States but its implementation has yet to be fully realised in the programmes, policies and funding decisions of the EU.  A stronger and more disability inclusive Multiannual Financial Framework will go some way to improving this.

EDF and IDDC call on the EU and its Member States realise this by:


  • Re-affirming disability as a cross-cutting issue as it is in the current MFF framework, with particular attention to the rights of women and girls with disabilities who face multiple discrimination, including sexual abuse and forced sterilisation. The focus for the next seven years should be put on the implementation of the mainstream approach to disability.
  • Including data disaggregation by disability to accomplish the objective of “focusing on a smaller number of higher quality performance indicators”. This data should be disaggregated according to the Washington Group Short Set of Questions on Disability.
  • Involving persons with disabilities and their representative organisations (DPOs) in the decision-making process, including planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • Ensuring that any EU investments in infrastructure and services will be allowed only if they lead to fully accessible outcomes so that persons with disabilities benefit from the funding, guided by the universal design principle.
  • Freezing EU funds when they have breached human rights until adequate policy reforms take place. The freezing of the funds should be complemented with softer means such as dialogue with governments to ensure compliance with human rights agreements.

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