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These days, most organisations, whether in the corporate or not-for-profit sector, will have a values statement and EU-CORD members are no different.

Values can be helpful. Well-articulated, they can help employees, volunteers and partners to identify with an organisation on a personal-value level leading to a shared sense of purpose.

In a sector where external standards and checklists increasingly define professionalism, values can help employees and volunteers embody the behaviours that an organisation wants to practice.

Having a well-crafted value statement is one thing. Putting those values into practice is another. Being brave enough to ask your staff, partner and donors how they think your values work in practice is a step few are brave enough to take.

This is where the Organisational Values Self-Assessment Toolkit comes in.

Inspired by work done by Medair Switzerland, EU-CORD’s Faith in Action programme has developed a simple toolkit to help organisations measure how well they are meeting their values. The toolkit can be adapted as straightforward or as complex as the organisation desires.

To pilot the toolkit, the EU-CORD Secretariat tested it to see how it could work in practice. In the spirit of accountability, we committed to sharing the results, which you can find here: EU-CORD Values Survey Results, 2022.

We hope that this tool inspires EU-CORD members to help us meet our collective value of Compassion.

Compassion – that through our actions, we show that Christian organisations can bring a professional standard of work that embraces humanity and promotes dignity.

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