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Global Europe was designed to uphold and pursue the aims and principles of the EU’s External Action, and one of its specific objectives is to address global challenges such as climate change and the protection of biodiversity and the environment. The EU committed to dedicating 30% of the NDICI – Global Europe’s budget to actions related to the climate and environmental crises. 

Our 2022 review of calls for proposals for the Global Europe instrument showed that an increasing number of calls included objectives, results and/or activities related to climate/environment concerns.

As part of our 2023 focus on our climate crisis strategic priority, we analysed 70 calls for proposals from 2021 onwards to extract information on how climate and environmental actions are presented.

This analysis was carried out to help EU-CORD members better navigate the implementation of the European Commission’s environmental priorities in its CSO-targeted international development grants and to provide context around the implementation of the EU Green Deal in its external action. Specific attention was also paid to the types of results and activities beneficiaries could be expected to implement. 

EU-CORD member can access the analysis here: here (EU-CORD members only).   

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