The General Assembly (all member CEOs and Senior Leaders) meets in the Spring and Autumn to set and direct our strategic direction. Vital relationship-building and networking takes place at these meetings.


The General Assembly elects an Administrative Council, which implements the decisions of the General Assembly between meetings.

Council members are:

  • Chris Lukkien, ZOA (Chair)
  • Andy Pask, Cord (Vice-Chair)
  • Gladstone Worthington, Leprosy Mission International (Treasurer)
  • Dietmar Roller, International Justice Mission Germany
  • Andries Schuttinga, Red een Kind
  • Agnes Kroese, Dorcas
  • Anne Haverinen, Fida
  • Markus Ask, LM International

Member-led working groups, which are issue-focused, design and realise the specific activities of the network.


Ruth Faber

Advocacy Coordinator

Dr. Tabeth Masengu


The network is facilitated by a Brussels-based secretariat represented by Ruth Faber (CEO) and Dr Tabeth Masengu (Advocacy Coordinator).


The Secretariat plays three main roles:


Building connections between members on issues that matter to them through the programme activities.


Assisting members and their partners via data collection, analysis, and sharing information on policy and funding opportunities.


Representing the network towards the European Union Institutions and the regional and global networks we are affiliated with.

We are also an active member of the following networks:

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