We advocate for social, economic and environment justice before policy makers, donors, and host governments. We work with other networks to amplify the voices of our members and partners in policy and professional forums, before lawmakers and donors, and aid institutions.

We believe change is possible and necessary if we want to achieve our vision of a world without poverty. To get there, we need to tackle the structural issues that contribute to deepening inequalities in our world.

This means that we work with a variety of partners to make this vision a reality. We work with development and relief organisations, our members and their partners.

We work with confederations of these groups to multiply our effectiveness and amplify our voice to advocate for social and environmental change within Europe.

We work with our European and local partners to assist with their own advocacy efforts vis à vis local and national governments and policy makers in their own countries.

Advocacy initiatives

We have been proud to contribute our experience and viewpoints to the following advocacy initiatives.

  • The predictability of humanitarian funding levels from ECHO
  • Policy Coherence for Development through CONCORD
  • The Post-2015 Framework on Sustainable Development Goals
  • The Humanitarian Consensus
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian and development programmes

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Open letter to the European Commission Globally, nations have experienced the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it has had a far more devastating effect in countries already affected by other crises. According to the WHO, by mid-2021, the European Union is at over 60% of one dose coverage. Compared to a global scale, the […]

Adjust and Respond – the experience of organisations working with people with disabilities in response to covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has meant a tough year for many. In Europe, while we still face new challenges from emerging variants we have nevertheless benefited from economies and social policies that can offer some measure of protection to those who are most vulnerable. As international development practitioners, our natural inclination is to look beyond Europe’s […]

# Covid-19

In the past week, I have contributed to more than six position papers relating to covid-19 and its impacts on humanitarian action and international development. A seventh paper is on its way. While different in focus, what these positions have in common is a call for the European Union to maintain solidarity with those who […]

Faith actors call for Global Solidarity

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has released its annual study on forced displacement. 70.8 million children, women and men were forcibly displaced at the close of 2018. This is the highest number recorded in the history of UNHCR (and it’s probably on the low side). The full report is available at the following link: https://www.unhcr.org/globaltrends2018/ […]

What’s religion go to do with it?

Join us at the European Development Days in room D3 on the 18th of June 15:15 – 16:30  for an interactive and participatory lab debate about the role of faith-based approaches and actors in addressing inequality. In many settings, religious groups and faith-based organisations form a major component of local and national capacity.  Faith dynamics, therefore, […]

This is a rubbish campaign

Our world has a problem with waste – and it’s hitting people living in poverty the hardest. Today, 2 billion people in the world’s poorest countries are living and working among piles of waste – that’s one in four of us. Drinking polluted water. Breathing toxic air. Battling sickness.  Each day the waste mountains are […]

2018 European Disability and Development Week

It’s back! For the 3rd consecutive year, IDDC are organising ‘European Disability and Development Week’, starting with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) and concluding a week later on Human Rights Day (December 10). You can find out more and register your workshop at the following website – click here to access. #EDDW18 […]

A Modern Budget for a Union that Protects, Empowers and Defends

As members of the IDDC EU Task Group, EU-CORD is fully supportive of the joint IDDC-EDF statement for a disability-inclusive EU budget in the next multi-annual financial framework. You can read the position in full at this link (external), then follow and share our messages: #Inclusive MFF #CRPD #LNOB #EUBudget The UN Convention on the Rights of […]

EU-CORD at the 1st Global Disability Summit

The EU-CORD network is represented by its Director Ruth Faber at the first ever Global Disability Summit which will be held this July in London. As a network of Christian mainstream humanitarian and development NGOs with a commitment to disability inclusion, EU-CORD has signed the Charter for Change and has submitted its own commitments ahead of […]

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