‘Christians shouldn’t just be pulling people out of the river. We should be going upstream to find out who’s pushing them in.’ Desmond Tutu

If we want to achieve our vision of a world without poverty then we need to tackle the structural issues that contribute to exacerbating inequalities in our world.

We want to see change, and we believe that change is possible.

We work in partnership with others who are advocating for global social, economic and environment justice. As well as building capacity of local partners to work on advocacy issues in their own contexts.

Advocacy initiatives supported:

  • Full inclusion of people with disabilities in humanitarian and development programming
  • Ensuring that livelihoods of farmers in Africa are don’t suffer because of unfair EU trade agreements
  • Supporting initiatives such as Fast for the Climate to campaign for environment justice
  • Calling for the protection of humanitarian space and adherence to humanitarian principles.

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Introducing new EU-CORD member – World Relief Germany

In this article we introduce the second German member to join us this year. Who is World Relief Germany? World Relief Germany was founded in 1998 as PartnerAid. The Christian organisation summarises their work and motivation as follows: ‘Our faith in God and commitment to reconciliation motivate us to partner with communities in relief and […]

Renew Our World: Christians campaign and pray for climate justice

The global campaign Renew Our World is calling on Christians world-wide to join in prayer and action to respond to the negative consequences of climate change for our planet and especially poor communities. EU-CORD and its member Tearfund (UK) are joining the campaign which has clear goals for changing policies and lifestyles by mobilising and engaging Christian individuals, organisations and [...]

European Disability and Development Week 2016

Together for Inclusion / #EDDW16 As a member of IDDC, EU-CORD is mobilising for a week of activities dedicated to disability and international cooperation. European Disability and Development Week (EDDW, #EDDW16) will begin on 3rd of December, International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and will conclude on 10th of December, which is Human Rights Day. Framed by these […]

Reflections from the World Humanitarian Summit

Nine EU-CORD members attended the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in May, and as a network we worked in the preparations for the summit, including attending the global consultations and being featured in the UN OCHA Publication for the WHS ‘Together We Stand‘. Our thematic focuses have been the role of faith actors in humanitarian action, disability-inclusion, […]

Why we still need Humanitarian Principles

The humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence offer a common basis to underpin all humanitarian action. They remain so relevant because they are a concrete expression of the shared values of dignity, integrity and solidarity. The first ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) is a chance to shape the humanitarian system and equip it to […]

Recognising and Unlocking the Potential of Faith-Based Actors

The World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) taking place this month provides an opportunity to increase the recognition given to the role of faith actors and faith-based organisations (FBOs) in humanitarian assistance; the significance of faith to the lives of the people affected by crisis; and the huge potential waiting to be unlocked if these things become […]

Making Humanitarian Action Work for Everyone

The World Humanitarian Summit this May provides an opportunity for humanitarian actors to take steps forward in ensuring that humanitarian action is disability-inclusive. In this post we introduced the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) and its core themes. One key priority for EU-CORD at the WHS is Disability-Inclusive Humanitarian Action. This article will explore why this is […]

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