Equipping members and their national counterparts to advocate towards European policymakers on issues concerning humanitarian action, sustainable development, peacebuilding, and the role of faith-based organisations.

EU-CORD members are looking to extend their advocacy reach, advocate in partnership with others, and impact the policy and practice of the European Union. This programme achieves this by deepening awareness amongst members of each other’s advocacy initiatives, connecting members working on similar issues and linking members with advocacy opportunities at the EU level.

In 2024 our main objectives will be to:

  • Collaboratively develop comprehensive policy briefs and advocacy plans for each of our strategy cross-cutting areas: Impact of the Climate Crisis, Disability Inclusion, Reframing Partnerships, and the Role of Faith Actors.
  • Host three ‘EU Policy in Conversation’ discussions per year, focusing on providing information and insights about the EU development and humanitarian policy scene.
  • Organise and host one physical and one virtual Advocacy Hub Forum, bringing together all our members engaged in advocacy work.
  • Build practical advocacy skills that equip members and local partners with pragmatic competence, enriching their ability to conduct effective advocacy.

In 2023 the network highlighted work on its cross-cutting priority around the impact of climate change and explore potential advocacy opportunities amongst members.    

As a network of Christian organisations, we aim to influence EU policy and practice regarding education in the context of developmental engagements. We will combine our varied expertise to collaborate with others in pursuit of inclusive, equitable, transformative and lifelong learning opportunities for all, regardless of geographic location.  

Working for, with and by youth is critical to the development of a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable future. The EU’s Youth Action Plan (YAP) is the first-ever policy framework for a strategic partnership with young people worldwide. Our purpose is to be involved in advocacy targeting the implementation of the YAP and ensuring that CSOs working with youth are included in decision-making-particularly for education-related indicators and benchmarks.  

Vaccine Inequality  
COVID-19 and its continuing impact was a cross-cutting issue for EU-CORD members. This was primarily because of the need for vaccines to be made available in our partner countries so staff and programmes could run effectively and safely. Therefore EU-CORD joined the campaign advocating for a temporary COVID-19 TRIPS waiver initiated by Caritas Europe and supported by other faith networks active in Brussels. In that framework, in July 2021, EU-CORD signed an open letter to the European Commission and other faith-based organisations. You can learn more about our efforts for vaccines for all here 

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