After eight years of tension, the Russian Federation launched a military offensive on 24 February 2022, escalating the conflict and triggering a humanitarian crisis.

According to UNOCHA, some 18 million people in Ukraine are projected to be affected and some 12 million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

As a network, EU-CORD has been connecting members and their partners responding to the humanitarian crisis.

We will use this page to share updates on the work of our members and their partners.

Humanitarian Response

Updated 16 May 2022

Hungarian Baptist Aid is distributing humanitarian aid to people in Brehove, Zakarpathia and their Rescue 24 team; an international special rescue team is on standby.

Mission East (Denmark), Medair (Switzerland) and Hungarian Baptist Aid (Hungary) have received funding from Danida for a sizeable project in Ukraine, focusing on responding to basic needs and psychosocial support.

ERIKS Development Partner (Sweden) has launched a relief effort inside Ukraine, to provide supplies and support to children and families who are affected by the war and are forced to hide in shelters. ERIKS’ partners within the country provide food, clothing, blankets and other supplies for people hiding in shelters or are internally displaced in Ukraine. ERIKS also provides psychosocial support and social assistance for affected people, both on the ground and through phone and the internet. All interventions are done through local partner organizations.

ERIKS has for many years been operating in Romania and Moldova, where refugees from Ukraine are now arriving. In Moldova, ERIKS’ partner organization is assisting with psychosocial support and activities for children at reception centers for Ukrainian refugees. Similar efforts are being prepared in Romania.

ERIKS Development Partner has a regional office in Romania where staff are coordinating with other actors and organizations for effective response and support to Ukrainian refugees and based on the needs ERIKS is planning to support more initiatives.

ZOA (Netherlands) implements a multipurpose cash program in Transcarpathia, in southwestern Ukraine. This specific area is targeted due to the large influx of displaced people to this area. ZOA aims to enable IDPs to meet their most urgent needs.

Next to addressing their highest needs, this also means increased dignity, ownership and accountability for the most vulnerable IDP’s.

Moreover, the ZOA Disaster Response Team has concluded that this is now the most effective and direct form of providing emergency assistance in this crisis; especially since this form of emergency assistance is complementary to the distributions of goods that are currently taking place on a large scale. The cash distribution will be done through the RedRose system in collaboration with MoneyGram.

In addition, ZOA will provide shelters (e.g. schools, churches) with a one-time contribution so that these shelters can also buy the materials they need; enabling these shelters to receive displaced people in a better and more dignified way.

Dorcas (Netherlands) provides emergency relief in Uzhorod, Mukacheve and the surrounding areas (Transcarpathia, Western Ukraine). The focus lies on the distribution of food security, non-food items such as matrasses, beds, hygiene kits and menstrual hygiene kits and MHPSS through counselling, addressing gender-based violence and raising awareness on human trafficking.

Dorcas Romania will assist and support refugees coming to Romania from Ukraine. Support is provided with food packages for people transiting, hygiene kits, food support to organisations, churches and shelters hosting refugees, menstrual hygiene kits, shelter for refugees and information materials for refugees. Additionally, psychosocial support is provided, and integration support is offered for those needing to stay for a longer period – more than six months.

Dorcas Moldova supports refugees in shelters (with accommodation, food and essential non-food items and mental first aid), host families, up to 10 local churches and a temporary shelter in Chisinau. Refugees at the border (around the border crossing points of Otaci, Ocnita, Telenesti and Chishinau) will also be supported with information and kits that include food for immediate consumption and hygiene items. Special attention will be paid to older persons and children.

LM International (Sweden) is continuing to support their partner in Ukraine – Lviv – to respond to small scale IDP hosting. They are now focusing on the refugee response in Romania and Moldova through their partner there.

Both LM International and ERIKS Development Partner have partnered with Human Bridge to transport hospital equipment and materials to Kyiv. 

Fida (Finland) have launched private fundraising campaigns to support local and international partners who are already operational.  

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