EU-CORD Publications

  • EU-CORD’s Vision for Advocacy, May 2016, PDF, 2MB, DOWNLOAD
  • Together We Stand: a UN OCHA publication for the World Humanitarian Summit May 2016. Click here to see the digital copy of the publication, or DOWNLOAD the PDF of the EU-CORD article, 2MB.
  • Inequality and Urbanisation event report, PDF 1.81 MB, DOWNLOAD
  • Network Activity Report 2013-14, PDF 2,243 KB, DOWNLOAD
  • Statement of Quality Assurance, PDF 27 KB, DOWNLOAD
  • Application Criteria and Form, DOCX 83 KB, DOWNLOAD

Advocacy Statements

  • Ecumenical Statement on Refugees and Migrants, 22 Sep 2015, PDF 176 KB, DOWNLOAD
  • IDDC statement to the EU on Disability-Inclusion at the World Humanitarian Summit, 4 April 2016, PDF 364KB, DOWNLOAD
  • Letter to the COHAFA on Faith Actors in Humanitarian Action, 6 April 2016, PDF 957 KB, DOWNLOAD
  • Letter to EU Representatives on Faith Actors in Humanitarian Action, 14 April 2016, PDF 963KB, DOWNLOAD
  • Joint NGO Statement on EU Migration Response Plan, 27th June 2016, PDF 454 KB, DOWNLOAD

Publications from our partner networks

  • EU Delegations Report 2015 ‘Mutual engagement between EU Delegations and civil society organisations,’ CONCORD, PDF 2 MB, DOWNLOAD
  • The European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid: An NGO Perspective, VOICE, PDF 2 MB, DOWNLOAD
  • Toolkit for strengthening inclusion in EU International Cooperation, IDDC, PDF 1 MB, DOWNLOAD

EU-CORD is committed to its code of conduct on images and messages (available here) please send your feedback to

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