Assessing the effects of the climate crisis on EU-CORD member organisations

This assessment emphasises the strategic significance of tackling the climate crisis for EU-CORD members. It explores the factors driving organisational change in response to this urgent issue and serves as a starting point for examining the necessary measures that need to be taken. Read Ruth’s reflections on the survey outcomes here.

Climate mapping by Arianna Antonioni

EU-CORD and the triple nexus

Bridging the peace-humanitarian-development divide

In this study, EU-CORD members share their reflections and experiences on working with a triple nexus approach. The study aims to fill three broad objectives:

  1. Connect EU-CORD members working with nexus methodologies to better understand their
    approaches and strengthen partnerships;
  2. Help EU-CORD members and their partners understand the development of the EU’s approach to
    the triple nexus and;
  3. Place EU-CORD member experience in implementing a nexus approach within discussions on the
    engagement of local actors, faith-based approaches, humanitarian principles and alignment with
    the peace component.

The study is primarily targeted at EU-CORD members and their partners but as a consequence of this research, members also identified recommendations for external stakeholders, and these are also included.

Paul Jeffrey/Life on Earth
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