This week: EU-CORD Climate Champions - Greening the World Beyond COP28

Cord empowers local organizations through training, enabling them to engage effectively with authorities, even in areas marked by historical tensions. As a pioneering force in the sector, Cord’s peacebuilding approach has become influential, inspiring methods adopted by numerous organizations. Currently operating in Burundi, Uganda, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Bangladesh, Cord stands as a beacon of hope and progress in creating a better, more harmonious world.

Keep a look out on our X account, and check our LinkedIn feed to find out more.

About the Campaign

As we approach COP28 this year, EU-CORD launches a 10-week campaign: ‘EU-CORD Climate Champions: Greening the World Beyond COP28.’ Starting October 16th, we will be shining a spotlight on one of our members each week, showcasing their incredible efforts in the global fight against the climate crisis.

Our member organizations collaborate with local partners, pooling expertise and resources to shield those most impacted by climate change. From sustainable farming to female empowerment programs and policy recommendations, they tackle every facet of this critical issue and offer hope through global cooperation.

Visit our website, follow our X account, and check our LinkedIn feed for articles, videos, and photos showcasing frontline climate action.

Assessing the effects of the climate crisis on EU-CORD member organisations

This assessment emphasises the strategic significance of tackling the climate crisis for EU-CORD members. It explores the factors driving organisational change in response to this urgent issue and serves as a starting point for examining the necessary measures that need to be taken. Read Ruth’s reflections on the survey outcomes here.

Climate mapping by Arianna Antonioni

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