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Self-Interest at the Cost of Human Development? The case of DG INTPA

A recently leaked draft briefing book from the European Commission’s Department for International Partnerships (DG INTPA) has raised alarm bells among many civil society organisations, including EU-CORD. The draft outlines a strategy for international cooperation that places a heavy emphasis on the EU’s economic interests, potentially at the expense of human development and other core values.

This shift towards prioritizing economic resilience and private-sector cooperation could undermine the European Union’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and key international agreements focused on human rights, equality, and environmental sustainability. As organisations dedicated to serving the global common good, we find this direction troubling.

In our statement below, we outline our concerns with the Commission’s approach, advocating for a more balanced strategy that puts human development, social justice, and environmental stewardship at the forefront. It’s critical that the European Union reconsider its approach to international partnerships to ensure that no one is left behind and that true cooperation is based on shared values and mutual respect.

“Keep education high on the EU external agenda and ensure that no one is left behind”

Ahead of the Global Gateway High-Level Event on Education on 11 April, a group of organisations has published a joint position paper taking stock of the progress made in supporting education in the EU’s external action, and calling for further political and financial commitments.

As the institutional mandate comes to an end, we call for a strong legacy to keep education high on the agenda of the future European Commission, with a human rights-based, gender-sensitive and inclusive approach.

Read the statement signed by: ACT Alliance EU, Africa Network Campaign on Education for All (ANCEFA), EU-CORD, Finn Church Aid (FCA), Humanity & Inclusion – Handicap International, Light for the World, Plan International, Save the Children, and World Vision EU Representation.

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