Christian organisations collaborating for a transformed, just and equal world.

Our Goals

  1. Supporting members and their national counterparts to develop partnership approaches, diversify funding options, and access funding from the European Union.
  2. Equipping members and their national counterparts to advocate towards European policymakers on issues concerning humanitarian action, sustainable development, peacebuilding, and the role of faith-based organisations.
  3. Communicating the added value of faith-based actors and the importance of engaging with faith communities towards the European Union and other civil society actors.
  4. Developing the knowledge of members and their national civil society counterparts through mutual capacity building and learning.


Infographic of EU-CORDs 2022+ strategy


Relationship: at the heart of the network lies the quality of the relationship between us and those with whom we partner and the degree to which we co-operate.

Servanthood: we strive to achieve our mutual goals in a spirit of servanthood, supporting each other while respecting each agency’s specific identity.

Compassion: through our actions, we show that Christian organisations can bring a professional standard of work that embraces humanity and promotes dignity.

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