You are looking for partnerships for programmes and advocacy with well-regarded relief and development organisations that share your Christian values.

EU-CORD is a place where you can build connections and work with others on issues that matter to you.

If you are a Christian organisation, legally established in Europe and working internationally on issues concerning humanitarian, development, and peacebuilding, and you want to work in partnership with like-minded organisations, then EU-CORD could be a network for you.

4 Easy Steps

  1. Complete the online application form:
  2. Meet with Ruth Faber (EU-CORD CEO) and the Administrative Council (the executive body of the General Assembly).
  3. Formally present your organisation to the Administrative Council either in person or virtually.
  4. Wait for the General Assembly vote (spring or autumn).

Learn more about the application process, including membership options and membership fee calculation, in this document: Join Us.


Criteria for Membership

  1. A Christian organisation which clearly articulates its Christian basis and values.
  2. Has a good reputation and can demonstrate a commitment to quality and accountability in the delivery of its activities.
  3. Has an international agenda whose primary aim concerns at least one of the following: the eradication of poverty, reduction of inequality, and ending social exclusion through activities relating to international development and/or peacebuilding and/or emergency relief, and /or advocacy and/or human rights and/or development education.
  4. Is legally established in a European country.
  5. Has an independent governance structure (Board of Trustees or Directors).
  6. Maintains its own operations to address its aim rather than simply acting as a fundraising subsidiary of a parent organisation.
  7. An organisation that has other affiliations must accept that membership of the Association is exclusive to itself and does not confer any rights on any affiliates. If any affiliated agency wishes to benefit from membership of the Association, they must apply in their own right.
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