Brings together members interested in exploring and demonstrating the impact that faith organisations have in the humanitarian, development and peacebuilding sector.

In 2023, the Faith in Action group continues to take forward our ‘reframing partnerships’ work with an exciting project to develop a monitoring tool to help members to assess their partnership approaches. The group will take forward work on values and behaviour changes introduced at the Faith in Action Forum last November and finally, the group propose to invite theologians to share short pieces on climate change as it relates to the humanitarian and development sphere.

2023 Objectives

  1. Reframing Partnerships: continue work on reframing partnerships through re-evaluating and strengthening dialogue and engagement with local actors.
    • Exploration of our use of language and terminologies (language definitions brochure).
    • Tool developed to help organisations assess partnership arrangements.
  2. Exploring theological response as faith-based actors to the impact of the climate crisis impacts on our work
    • Inviting theologians from different faith perspectives to reflect with us on how these impact our response to the climate crisis in our international work.
  3. Understanding how behaviour’s change through changing values
    • Webinar for members on Community Value Measurement, Analysis and Behavioural Change.
    • Collect and share methodologies used by members and their partners to understand behavioural norms in communities.

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