The goals of the network are implemented through the five programme areas that make up our programme portfolio.

EU-CORD members are looking to extend their advocacy reach, advocate in partnership with others, and impact the policy and practice of the European Union. This programme achieves this by deepening awareness amongst members of each other’s advocacy initiatives; connecting members working on similar issues and linking members with advocacy opportunities at the EU level.

EU-CORD members are looking to meet their funding goals which increasingly necessitates the need to work in partnerships through consortia bids. This programme achieves this by bringing members together around funding themes that can raise their profile as actors, increase awareness of one another’s work and inform members of new sources of funding.

This programme targets CEO and senior leaders within EU-CORD’s membership. It aims to extend the opportunity for relationship building beyond General Assembly meetings to foster strategic partnerships in programming, advocacy, and fundraising. We believe that ‘iron sharpens iron’ and that by challenging and supporting each other we become stronger.


This programme brings together people from both outside and within the network, providing a platform to explore how Christian identity is reflected in members’ programming and how the added value of this can be communicated to donors and other stakeholders.



While capacity building has been a long-standing objective of the network for the first time, the Learning Space brings together all our thematic knowledge sharing and capacity building elements (freeing up the other programme areas to focus on their core business). Through learning, the programme also connects members working on similar issues

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