EU-CORD was established two decades ago in response to the famine crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa. From our inception, the network values of relationship, servanthood and compassion have framed what we do and how we do it.

A mother bathes her child in the Gendrassa refugee camp in South Sudan’s Upper Nile State.

Increasingly, at the heart of our partnership approach is the involvement of local communities, civil society actors, and churches, working together to provide principled humanitarian aid to those in need.

Our members adhere to the Red Cross Code of Conduct. Moreover, many of our members have received accreditation from the Core Humanitarian Standard.

As faith-based organisations, we are guided by a mandate that drives us to share our resources and knowledge with others in need. This exchange is not limited to Europeans providing expertise and funding but also includes learning from our many partners.

Our goals include working with our members to deliver humanitarian aid in a principled and collaborative manner that prioritises local communities, churches, and partners. We aim to build resilience, capacity, and ownership among these groups, enabling them to respond effectively to crises within their communities. Additionally, we recognise the nexus between systemic issues and disasters and aim to work with our development and peace partners to address these issues comprehensively and comprehensively.

We are also committed to promoting inclusion in humanitarian action, with a particular focus on people with disabilities. We acknowledge the need to be more inclusive in our humanitarian programming and will strive to improve our practices accordingly.

0 members with a humanitarian mandate
Dorcas, Erikshjälpen, Fida, Hungarian Baptist Aid, IAS Denmark, LM International, Medair (CH, DE), MAF, Mission East, Red een Kind, PMU, Sign of Hope, Tearfund (NL, BE, DE), ZOA
0 members ECHO certified
Dorcas (Netherlands), Fida (Finland), LM International (Sweden), Medair (Germany), PMU (Sweden), Red een Kind (Netherlands), Sign of Hope (Germany), Tearfund (Netherlands), ZOA (Netherlands)
0 members of the VOICE network
Fida, LM International, Medair, Mission East, PMU, ZOA


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