Supporting members and their national counterparts to develop partnership approaches, diversify funding options, and access funding from the European Union.

The aim of the Funding and Partnerships group is to address barriers to partnership and inspire more project collaboration. This includes renewing our focus on the EU institutions and European governments’ funding opportunities and donor trends to navigate the EU institutional funding landscape. We also want to create more opportunities for interaction beyond physical meetings and engage with members’ national counterparts and offices globally.

Objectives 2022

Funding and Partnerships Forum

  1. Physical meeting to be held in June, hosted by Dorcas in the Netherlands. Focus on understanding and developing business partnerships for projects
  2. Virtual meeting in the Autumn will focus on evaluating and sharing learning on the EU-CORD’s collaboration in Eastern Africa, Myanmar and Bangladesh.


  1. Establish and support EU-CORD partnerships in the focus countries of Eastern Africa, Bangladesh, and Myanmar: capturing learning to replicate and scale the experience.
  2. Strengthening collaboration with national implementation partners
  3. Review and develop tools to help foster partnership approaches


  1. Link EU-CORD members who are working on nexus issues, linking advocacy and programming.
    1. Document how we work in the nexus (case studies), including how we link with local actors and explore issues that are interesting for us: local responders, faith actors, funding flexibility etc.,
  2. Participate in, and contribute to, work done by CONCORD and VOICE on the nexus.

Funding Trends

  1. Members encouraged to share information on funding trends and opportunities via the Teams ‘Funding Trends’ channel
  2. Three Funding Trends meetings will focus on the following themes:
    1. Big Picture Funding Trends
    2. Results-Based Financing
    3. How to Stay Ahead of the Funding Curve

Global Europe | NDICI

  1. Contributing to the CONCORD FFSD workstream on actions relating to developing handbook and training on the Global Europe funding instrument
  2. Review multi/annual planning documents in detail and work with members to identify/prepare for upcoming funding opportunities
  3. Review new management modalities (MGA), OPSYS, Restrictive Measures and other issues impacting accessing and managing Global Europe funds


[Under Construction]

Latest News

Humanitarian Funding: the gap between life and death

At a recent VOICE event where we discussed the humanitarian funding gap, Milward Mwamvni had us reflect on the following question: Whose life is worth saving? Milward Mwamvani, LM International (EU-CORD member) For most, this will be an abstract type of discussion. We might expect a lively debate with someone cracking a joke at the […]

First Unique Selling Points 2022 brochure released

It was in September 2019 when the EU-CORD development group, then called ‘Collaborations for Resourcing’ decided at a meeting at Konstanz in Germany that a Unique Selling Points Brochure should be produced to include as many written USPs as members were willing to prepare. A template with the basic questions to answer was provided and […]

EU-CORD Ukraine Response

Updated 7th March 2022  In light of events in Ukraine, EU-CORD members are mobilising to respond to the emerging humanitarian crisis in a very uncertain and fluid situation.  Hungarian Baptist Aid is already distributing humanitarian aid to people in Brehove, Zakarpathia and their Rescue 24 team; an international special rescue team is on standby. Dutch […]

Introducing new EU-CORD member – World Relief Germany

In this article we introduce the second German member to join us this year. Who is World Relief Germany? World Relief Germany was founded in 1998 as PartnerAid. The Christian organisation summarises their work and motivation as follows: ‘Our faith in God and commitment to reconciliation motivate us to partner with communities in relief and […]

Responding to Migrants and Refugees – the Work of Dorcas in Macedonia

In this series of articles EU-CORD members share some of the work they have been doing in responding to the large numbers of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe. Here Ruben Mulder, Head of Disaster Response at Dorcas, writes on the ways in which Dorcas have responded. One million refugees and migrants have made the […]

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