We aim to make the most of the opportunities that exist for project funding and joint programming.

We do this by sharing information on funding available from institutional donors, foundations and the private sector – identifying what we can do together to bring scale, expertise and impact.

As the world’s biggest donor for humanitarian and development action, the European Union is an important donor for us – by our most recent calculation we collectively receive €52.2 million in grants from the European Commission.

Making a contribution to ending poverty and social exclusion would not be possible without those supporters whose generosity underpins our work. How we engage and hold ourselves accountable to our support base is a conversation that the communications & private fundraising working group holds.

Together for humanitarian response

A key part of our collaboration in humanitarian relief is our disaster response mechanism. Through online collaborative tools we are able share information in a crisis on a ‘live’ basis, ensuring a quick, effective and efficient response in an extremely short time frame. We keep our collaboration modality light and flexible, sharing information within the network for maximum effect.

Some examples of our joint programming

EU-CORD helps members with complementary strengths to gain donor funding and work together with their local partners for humanitarian and longer-term development projects.

  • Our members, the Swedish Erikshjälpen and the Norwegian Strømme Foundation cooperated on two Social and Economic Empowerment projects funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) funded projects – one in South Sudan and the other in Bangladesh.
  • EU-CORD members the Strømme Foundation, Tearfund UK, and the Dutch Woord en Daad worked together on a Child Rights programme in West Africa.
  • The Swedish International Aid Services and Swedish Läkarmissionen worked together on projects in Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Chad covering Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), Disaster Risk Reduction and Community Development.
  • Tear Netherlands, Tearfund UK and the Dutch ZOA partnered for a Netherlands-funded programme to assist integration of refugees and IDPs in conflict-affected communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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A new vision for the network

In 2017 EU-CORD celebrated 20 years of partnership and collaboration. In 2018, we present our vision for the next 20 years and begin implementation of a new 3-year strategy cycle. We have a shared vision for a peaceful world where basic needs and human rights are met for all, including vulnerable and marginalised people; where […]

Introducing new EU-CORD member – World Relief Germany

In this article we introduce the second German member to join us this year. Who is World Relief Germany? World Relief Germany was founded in 1998 as PartnerAid. The Christian organisation summarises their work and motivation as follows: ‘Our faith in God and commitment to reconciliation motivate us to partner with communities in relief and […]

Responding to Migrants and Refugees – the Work of Dorcas in Macedonia

In this series of articles EU-CORD members share some of the work they have been doing in responding to the large numbers of refugees and migrants arriving in Europe. Here Ruben Mulder, Head of Disaster Response at Dorcas, writes on the ways in which Dorcas have responded. One million refugees and migrants have made the […]

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