Supporting members and their national counterparts to develop partnership approaches, diversify funding options, and access funding from the European Union.

The Funding and Partnerships group brings together our work on the EU’s Global Europe Instrument, Humanitarian Action with a focus on ECHO and EU-CORD In-Country member collaborations (In-Country Forums). This year we increase our focus on humanitarian action, bringing members up-to-speed with the latest developments at ECHO and we develop a new regional workshop and set of briefing notes to support the In-Country forums as they form collaborations and look to increase access from EU development grants.

2023 Objectives

The Funding & Partnership Forum brings together institutional fundraisers to foster relationship-building, sharing and learning

  1. Funding and Partnerships Forum will be held in April with the General Assembly.
  2. Autumn iteration of the Funding and Partnerships Forum.

Build knowledge of EU-CORD members to deliver DG INTPA & NEAR Grants

  1. Global Europe Call for Proposal Analysis: deep-dive on thematic issues.
  2. DG INTPA Funding and consortia development workshop.
  3. Member briefing on Global Gateway and Team Europe Initiatives
  4. Participation in CONCORD Europe Funding for Financing and Sustainable development workstream

Support the next evolution of the in-country forums

  1. Mentoring support to In-Country leaders.
  2. Annual Global In-Country Forum virtual gathering (autumn).

Exploring and sharing on  new funding trends and partnership opportunities:

  1. Public-Private Partnerships learning group.
  2. Active sharing of funding opportunities for In-Country forum countries.
  3. Trusts and Foundations in Europe: how to build a portfolio.
  4. Working with Service Contracts
  5. Triple Nexus: how to fund projects and how to work together on implementation.
  6. Funding analysis of different EU donors – member presentations.

Increase the profile of, and support to, members humanitarian response actions.

  1. Exchange around the ECHO Partnership/FPA Watchgroup
  2. Member Briefing on ECHO changes, policy shifts and direction of travel.
  3. Work with members on their engagement with local actors in humanitarian response

DG INTPA EU-CORD Resource Map, May 2023 (includes member-only links) 

Climate Action in Global Europe Calls for Proposals, May 2023 (not publically available)

Global Europe Call for Proposal Analysis, Jan – Oct 2022 (not publically available)

EU-CORD and the triple nexus: bridging the peace, humanitarian, and development divide

EU-CORD introduction to DG INTPA & NEAR Programming Documents


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