Supporting members and their national counterparts to develop partnership approaches, diversify funding options, and access funding from the European Union.

The Funding and Partnerships group aim to address barriers to partnership and inspire more project collaboration. This includes renewing our focus on the EU institutions and European governments’ funding opportunities and donor trends to navigate the EU institutional funding landscape. We also want to create more opportunities for interaction beyond physical meetings and engage with members’ national counterparts and offices globally.

The work is organised into four workstreams.

Partnerships: Bringing members together through our twice-yearly Funding and Partnerships Forum meetings and working with members to develop EU-CORD Country forums, which are being explored in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Eastern Africa. Around these meetings, we are also looking at what we can do to foster partnership approaches.

The Triple Nexus: With many EU-CORD members working with some form of Peace-Humanitarian and Development approach, this activity links members working on nexus issues. In 2022, the focus is to document how we work in the nexus, link with local actors, and explore topics that are of particular interest to us – including the role of faith actors in nexus approaches. We also collaborate with CONCORD and VOICE on these topics through their working groups.

Funding Trends:  Whether it concerns institutional fundraising or working with private supporters, we encourage members to identify their questions about funding trends and explore them together. In 2022, we are exploring: Big Picture Funding Trends, Results-Based Financing and Public-Private Partnerships.

Global Europe | NDICI:  In this workstream, we work with members to share information on the European Commission’s external funding instruments with a focus on the NDICI. This includes helping members to engage with the programming process, analyse the programming documents and understand the complexities of EU grants.

ECHO Partnerships: This workstream responds to general issues concerning the ECHO partnership and broader EU Humanitarian initiatives such as the European Humanitarian Forum. In 2022, the group plan to continue EU-CORD representation on the VOICE-ECHO watchgroup (and taskforce). The group will also submit a response to ECHO’s localisation questionnaire and any resulting follow-up.

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