Beyond Europe: EU-CORD Partnerships Evolve

At the Spring General Assembly, EU-CORD’s CEOs met in Brussels, Belgium, to reaffirm the network’s collaborative vision. The CEOs reiterated that in order to deepen collaboration approaches, partnerships (a word repeatedly found in our 2022+ strategy) needed to move beyond relationship building in Europe to deepening partnerships between EU-CORD members and their national [...]

Decolonisation Journeys

In this personal piece, Adrian Hawthorn, a frequent contributor to EU-CORDs work, offers his thoughts on decolonisation, faith and our work together. As I watched the news on my TV the statue of Edward Colson was on a journey in Bristol from a place of high honour on a plinth, being rolled to the queue […]

An Update from the Advocacy Hub

At the end of March, members of the Advocacy Hub came together in Brussels for the first Advocacy Forum of 2022. This occasion was the first time the Forum was held simultaneously with the EU-CORD General Assembly. As a result, the Forum provided a unique opportunity for members to interact and learn from others and […]

Ukraine – this is not an advocacy statement

Ruth Faber, EU-CORD CEO The war in Ukraine brings the sorrow of conflict already experienced in many parts of the world to Europe’s doorstep. EU-CORD members have mobilised to provide humanitarian assistance to people still in Ukraine and those fleeing the conflict. More on that can be found here.  While these are European non-governmental organisations […]

The Global Disability Summit

The Global Disability Summit (GDS) was held online on 16 and 17 February 2022 and was co-hosted by the International Disability Alliance (IDA) and the governments of Norway and Ghana. In addition, the GDS included a Youth Summit, Civil Society Forum and 91 side events. One side event was co -hosted by our members See […]

EU-CORD Ukraine Response

Updated 7th March 2022  In light of events in Ukraine, EU-CORD members are mobilising to respond to the emerging humanitarian crisis in a very uncertain and fluid situation.  Hungarian Baptist Aid is already distributing humanitarian aid to people in Brehove, Zakarpathia and their Rescue 24 team; an international special rescue team is on standby. Dutch […]

2nd Global Disability Summit

With the 2nd Global Disability Summit taking place in mid-February, my thoughts turn to the subject of commitments. Commitments are inevitably a feature in this line of work. As we did in 2018 for the first Global Disability Summit, EU-CORD has signed up to specific commitments concerning disability inclusion and our international work. Many other […]

Vaccines for all: time for the EU to rise to the challenge

The Omicron variant is a sad reminder that global health solidarity has not succeeded. It’s time for the EU to support a temporary suspension of COVID-19 vaccine patents. The new variant reveals once again the true danger of the world vaccine divide, the COVID-19 pandemic being far from over two years after its beginning, hitting […]

EU-CORD Strategy 2022+

Introduction to EU-CORD’s new strategy given by CEO Ruth Faber at the November 2021 General Assembly. In June of 2020, a certain type of email started to arrive in my inbox. They came from different sources, but they all contained the same two pieces of information. The first was an apology, and the second, a […]

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