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This week, we shine a spotlight on Woord en Daad, a Dutch foundation committed to creating dignified lives for people around the world. With a rich history spanning 49 years, Woord en Daad, alongside their local partners, tackles poverty through various programs. They work not only to change individual lives but to transform systems that perpetuate poverty, making a significant impact. Rooted in their belief in the equality and uniqueness of every human being, they strive to reflect and spread God’s love and mercy, bringing hope and opportunities to those in need.


Foezullah Talukder, representing the Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh (CCDB), offers valuable insights into the challenges posed by sea-level rise and extreme weather in Bangladesh. He highlights the pressing need for adaptation efforts and emphasizes the crucial role he envisions for the international community, particularly at COP28.

In the coastal regions of Bangladesh, the threat of sea-level rise and intensified extreme weather presents a growing concern. Foezullah Talukder vividly illustrates how coastal erosion, a consequence of these extreme weather events, compels people to leave their ancestral homes, seeking shelter in urban slums.

Despite the hardships, communities strive to rebuild their homes and essential infrastructure. However, these local efforts are not enough, and they require support from both the Bangladeshi government and the international community. Foezullah’s message underscores the essential role of governments and global initiatives like COP28 in providing the necessary resources and assistance for vulnerable regions like Bangladesh to address the challenges posed by climate change. His words highlight the need for collective action and international cooperation in addressing the profound impacts of climate change.

Benkadi, Côte d’Ivoire


De Laure Nesmon Pie, hailing from the vibrant community of Benkadi in Côte d’Ivoire, shares a poignant narrative about the ongoing battle against coastal erosion that her homeland faces. In her words, the struggle is not just a local concern but one that reverberates far beyond the shores of Ivory Coast.

As we listen to De Laure’s perspective, it becomes evident that the issue of coastal erosion extends its reach across borders, implicating not only her community but the collective global community as well. She highlights the critical role that she envisions for the international community in tackling this formidable challenge. It’s a role that transcends geographic boundaries, emphasizing the interconnectedness of nations and the shared responsibility we all bear in addressing environmental crises.

De Laure’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the global nature of climate-related issues and the need for collaborative efforts to find sustainable solutions.

COP28 Call to Action from Woord en Daad

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