Copenhagen Programme Office
International Aid Services
Drejervej 15, 5,
DK-2400 Copenhagen

Tel: +45 93 88 58 55
E-mail: kontakt@ias-danmark.dk
Web: About us | IAS (ias-danmark.dk)


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Countries we work in

  • Ethiopia
  • Greece
  • Kenya
  • Nepal
  • Sudan
  • South Sudan
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • Somaliland
  • Somalia
  • Ukraine
  • Syria

IAS was founded for the sole purpose of saving lives, creating opportunity for self help, and providing dignity for human beings through transformation that transcends emergency aid and humanitarian development.

We collaborate with local partners and churches, thereby creating a stable platform in a well-functioning environment. But we also operate in some of the most unstable areas of the world. Especially in Central Africa and the Horn of Africa, where we build platforms for help, development and improved human rights in places, often in areas where we are first movers.

Our Vision

We wish to see a transformed society built on justice, love and peace. A society where citizens live in respect and care for each other and where human beings’ spiritual, mental and material needs are met.

Our Goal

To save lives, promote self-reliance and dignity through human transformation going beyond relief and development. We look at our Mission from a biblical perspective, where human beings entail spirit, soul and body, and where these aspects are parts of our work with development.

Main sectors of operation

  • Inclusive Education
  • Partner Capacity Development
  • Humanitarian Intervention
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