Red een Kind (Help a Child)
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Countries we work in

  • Kenya
    South Sudan

Red een Kind (Help a Child) is a Christian, international relief and development organization, founded in 1968 in the Netherlands. Help a Child provides a future for children in need, their family, and their entire community. By empowering vulnerable communities we help them to change their living conditions and opportunities in a sustainable way. Help a Child works in areas with a high incidence of poverty or in places where children and families are extra vulnerable due to disasters or (imminent) conflicts.

Help a Child lobby will be child and community-centred, meaning it will cover issues within ECD, Youth & Work and Community-led development. Our lobby must always have a link to these themes.

Help a Child lobby will be centred around the South. This will be the focus, lobby issues from the south must be leading at all levels.

Our lobby will be done in cooperation. We will participate through networks in public debates and will together with others approach government officials and politicians.

For the coming years, we have chosen to work in a mix of countries with a development profile and a fragile profile. The countries with a development profile we are working in currently are Kenya, Rwanda, India, Malawi and Uganda. The countries with a fragile profile are Burundi, DRC, South Sudan and Somalia. As countries develop further there also comes a time that our role adds less value. We want to make well thought through decisions on when to enter and when to exit a country. We want to be present in each country we work in, therefore we will establish a country office in Uganda. For Somalia, we are awaiting an evaluation before we are ready to make that decision or still choose another country.


Our Vision

As a Christian non-profit organization Help a Child wants every child – regardless of their social, political, religious, ethnic or economic background – to have a life in dignity, with love and with a promising future.

Our Goal

We support children and families in need, because we follow Jesus Christ, who showed us God’s love for mankind. The Bible teaches us to pass on God’s love, to be merciful, to bring justice, to reconcile and to be good stewards. These Christian principles inspire us to give our best in all circumstances.

Main sectors of operation

Community development:
-Early Childhood Development
-Youth and Work
-Social Empowerment
-Economic Empowerment

Community development:
-Early Childhood Development
-Youth and Work
-Social Empowerment
-Economic Empowerment

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