Red een Kind


Stichting Red een Kind
Postbus 40169
8004 DD Zwolle
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0) 38 4604648


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Countries we work in

  • Burundi
  • DR Congo
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Malawi
  • Myanmar
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • South Sudan
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Uganda
  • Vietnam
  • Zambia

Red een Kind (Help a Child) is a Christian development organisation that supports more than 190,000 children in 16 different countries. Our core values are the biblical notions of love, justice, mercy, reconciliation and stewardship. These are the pillars that support the organisation.

Our Vision

Red een Kind supports families subjected to marginalisation, discrimination and poverty and their communities, to become a good and safe place for vulnerable children, in love, dignity and with hope for the future.

Our Goal

Inspired by the love of God, Red een Kind strives to ensure that vulnerable children, young adults and families can lead their lives in dignity and in all their fullness.

Main sectors of operation

  • Basic health care
  • Child sponsorship program (community based)
  • Education
  • Emergency relief
  • Vocational training
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