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It’s back! For the 3rd consecutive year, IDDC are organising ‘European Disability and Development Week’, starting with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) and concluding a week later on Human Rights Day (December 10). You can find out more and register your workshop at the following website – click here to access.

#EDDW18 has 3 objectives

  1. Showcase the breadth and variety of disability inclusion in international development
  2.  Encourage solidarity and participation across Europe for disability inclusion
  3. Strengthen interaction between decision-makers and representatives of persons with disabilities.

For the week to be a success we need your participation!

Very simple! If you are planning to organise an event (e.g. conference, publication launch, campaign, film, party or project presentation) anywhere in Europe between December 3 and 10, in line with our theme “Together for Inclusion, Leave No One Behind”, then you could link it to #EDDW18.

In return, you’ll get a broader visibility and audience, as we’ll all commit to supporting each other.

Few practical details:

  • New this year: a website will be set up and ease the communication of all events!
  • Events can be organised by IDDC members and any other organisations partnering with an IDDC member.
  • An art contest will be organised like in previous years.
  • All organisers will be required to register their event online so that we can early on identify possible overlap and develop a coherent programme.
  • In Brussels, free conference rooms in Mundo J have been pre-booked between 3-6 December.
  • IDDC does not provide any funding to organise events.

Updates will be shared via the EDDW18 website and you can also follow us on twitter at #EDDW18

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