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Faith communities could be a critical ally in the fight against leprosy. The article “The under-utilised secret weapon in the fight to defeat leprosy”, written by Tim Burton from The Leprosy Mission, discusses how faith-based groups can play a pivotal role in addressing this complex disease. Leprosy, with its slow-moving symptoms and historical stigma, requires ongoing community engagement for effective intervention. Faith communities, due to their significant influence and reach, can be instrumental in raising awareness, reducing discrimination, and providing essential care services.

James Pender, an expert in engaging with faith communities, underscores The Leprosy Mission’s readiness to serve their communities, noting that faith leaders often provide more than spiritual guidance—they offer advice, counselling, and social support. This commitment extends to challenging stigma and discrimination, with examples from Nigeria showing how faith communities can either perpetuate or help combat negative attitudes toward leprosy. The article highlights the need for interfaith collaboration, as demonstrated in Sri Lanka, where Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, and Hindus work together to address leprosy-related challenges.

You can read the full article here.

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