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At our General Assembly, Help a Child presented a new and innovative piece of jewellery that incorporates some exciting technology.

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is widespread. Worldwide one out of three women (35%) experiences physical and/or sexual violence. This is why gender equality and women’s empowerment is mentioned as a priority in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development under Sustainable Development Goal 16. Help a Child and Invi have joined hands to contribute to this global effort, introducing ‘Protection Power’.

Protection Power is a combination of the Invi Bracelet — a new technology to directly keep off perpetrators —and a community-based method to address causes of protection issues, developed by Help a Child, called ‘What’s Up’. This combination is a strong concept to raise awareness, gives people the possibility to protect themselves against SGBV and empower vulnerable members in their community.

The Invi Bracelet is a non-violent self-defence device that can directly keep off perpetrators and alarm others. Inspired by nature, the foul smell emitted by the bracelet evokes a reaction of disgust from the perpetrator. The smell can travel for several hundred meters and so also alarm other people.

As a group approach with discussions as key features, it is possible to conduct What’s Up?! in every context. The participatory method creates awareness, zero-tolerance for SGBV at both society and community level, and supports the establishment of community-based initiatives to prevent SGBV from happening.

Read more about this initiative at the following link:


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Compliation of facesGroup photo from the 2019 PaRD General Assembly

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