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In this article we introduce the second German member to join us this year.

Who is World Relief Germany?

World Relief Germany was founded in 1998 as PartnerAid. The Christian organisation summarises their work and motivation as follows: ‘Our faith in God and commitment to reconciliation motivate us to partner with communities in relief and development activities that help vulnerable individuals, families and communities flourish.’ Initially, the focus was on community development, often with health as a starting point. Due to the vulnerability of the countries and communities where their partners were working, World Relief Germany started increasingly to engage also in humanitarian action, peace building and reconciliation. Nowadays, World Relief Germany is active in the following countries: Iraq, Jordan, Pakistan, Somaliland, Syria and Yemen. It is also offering trainings for churches in Germany to get involved in refugee assistance. For its German supporters, World Relief Germany is also known as die Weltnachbarn, world neighbours. The organisation carries the DZI donation certificate and is involved in a number of networks and partnerships, among them PaRD (Partnership on Religion and Development), WASH Network Germany, (Jubilee Campaign Germany), GgMH (Together against human trafficking) and DJG (German-Yemeni Society).

How World Relief Germany is responding to the crisis in Yemen

Yemen is experiencing one of largest humanitarian crisis our world faces at the moment. The population is suffering from food insecurity and war. On top of this, a cholera outbreak has affected 22 of 23 governorates, with over half a million suspected cases and more than 2,000 deaths. World Relief Germany assists with medical supplies shipped to the country and with Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) projects. While this acute emergency requires immediate humanitarian assistance, WRG keeps working towards resilience and connecting current activities to previous as well as potential future development work. World Relief Germany has also been part of international initiatives campaigning for a resolution of the conflict, the defense of humanitarian principles and more engagement and funding for humanitarian assistance for Yemen.

World Relief Germany providing water to people in Yemen (Photo: World Relief Germany).

Find out more yourself

If you want to find out more about World Relief Germany, browse the EU-CORD member profile, visit the World Relief website, and get in touch with them directly.

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